Indoors or Out

First, outdoor shooting is far better than shooting at an indoor range. Outdoor shooting allows you shoot a variety of targets and even exploding targets. But weather can be a factor with outdoor ranges. Too hot, too cold, rain, and wind can ruin your outdoor shooting experience. Shoot Las Vegas gives you the best of both worlds. The comfort of shooting from their climate-controlled firing lines combined with the excitement of shooting outdoors. Also, due to the nature of shooting outdoors, outdoor shooting ranges are anywhere from Shoot Las Vegas at 40 minutes to (in one case) an hour and a half away in Arizona. When choosing an outdoor range, ask how far away they are so you don’t spend all of your time driving to Arizona. Indoor ranges are a good choice if you are pressed for time and can’t dedicate about 3 hours of your day to this activity or only want to shoot 1 gun.C